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Miami F1 GP


F1 Race Day at Miami International Autodrome

Here's a sneak peek of the surprise we have for you soon..

To provide you with a glimpse of the potential offered by our market-leading digital exhaust booster, we've completed months of meticulous work and testing on our F1 prototype sound! While this sound may not be suitable for everyday use, it vividly showcases the capabilities of our Exhaust Booster.

The F1 Sound is coming out soon!

…but we have two fantastic new features you can use right away:

- Downshift backfire

- Launch control!

You can see it in action here!

McLaren driver Lando Norris secured a sensational breakthrough victory at Sunday's Miami Grand Prix, etching his name onto the prestigious list of Formula 1 race winners. Norris showcased remarkable prowess by overtaking Red Bull rival Max Verstappen to claim the chequered flag.

Indeed, the Miami Grand Prix never fails to deliver surprises!

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The Maxhaust Active Sound System simulates and reproduces amazingly realistic sounding engines and futuristic e-sounds via the vehicle's inbuilt characteristics...

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