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The brand new BRIDGE V4

The Maxhaust BRIDGE combines a variety of functions individually for your vehicle.

Expandable at any time, fully integrable and very easy to use.

Everything from one source! Everything in one place! Everything in one APP!

Add as many devices as you like

The Maxhaust Bridge is the all-in-one interface for your tuning.

No matter if Active Sound, air suspension, flap control, pedal tuning or ambient lighting.

Every Maxhaust product is controlled and managed with the Bridge.

Maxhaust BRIDGE unit
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The Bridge starts where others stop!

Clear installation and control of the individual components or in combination.

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Control via app

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Control via vehicle keys

One bridge. One app

All products controlled with one app

Maxhaust unit and mobile app

All the Maxhaust products in your car, controlled via ONE app!

It does not get any cleaner or simpler then this!


Automate your products and link them together

Create scenes for different situations. A pleasant excursion on a Sunday afternoon or a sporty drive through the serpentines? For one situation, a pleasant blue interior lighting and comfortable suspension without loud exhaust noises and for the other occasion the exact opposite: red lighting, aggressive sound and tight suspension. You don't have to change vehicles for this, a push of a button is all it takes!


Overview and control

The dashboard shows you all relevant data of your connected components. Bluetooth connection, selected profile and set parameters are only a small part of what the dashboard provides.

Car Info

Save your important vehicle data directly in the app

Store all relevant tuning details for your vehicle in the Car Info: engine tuning, exterior or interior. Save texts and images about your vehicle in the app and show them to your tuning friends.

Remote Maintenance

Read out vehicle data in real time!

Our advanced remote maintenance function allows remote maintenance directly via your mobile device with an active Bluetooth and Internet connection.

No annoying cable connection or software installation on a notebook. Via app we can analyze the vehicle data in real time, process and provide you with an update directly.


Everything online!

Stay up to date with the latest Bluetooth technology. With 10x faster data transfer than before, you can transfer firmware updates and sounds quickly and easily. Our sounds are also updateable and are constantly being developed further.


Full diagnostic function including assistance in case of errors

The diagnostics function helps you in case of problems and gives decisive hints for the solution. The app checks all connected products step by step. It tells you if your Bluetooth is deactivated or that no speaker is mounted and more. Quick and easy.

Maxhaust USA logo

The Maxhaust Active Sound System simulates and reproduces amazingly realistic sounding engines and futuristic e-sounds via the vehicle's inbuilt characteristics...

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