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Custom Sounds for Every Occasion

Our Custom Sound system is not limited to modern vehicles with Can-Bus integration. That's why we've designed our system to seamlessly integrate into a wide range of vehicles, including those without a Can-Bus system.

Whether your vehicle is older or simply lacks a Can-Bus system, our sound system can still be seamlessly installed. It only requires a 12-volt power source to unleash its full performance. This means you can enjoy excellent sound quality and impressive effects regardless of your vehicle type.

Custom Sounds is committed to making setup and usage as straightforward as possible. You can conveniently control the entire system through our user-friendly app, without relying on Can-Bus integration. We offer flexibility and quality, regardless of your vehicle type. Explore the world of high-quality sound and upgrade your vehicle without a Can-Bus system with our sound system.

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Scene Control

Easily automate your Custom Sounds with the app, even in combination with other Maxhaust products.

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Also in combination with other Maxhaust products

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It gets even more exciting during the ride! Our system not only provides safety during backing up, it also operates at higher speeds. With the newest version of the our Active Sound System we offer full control! Set different speed levels to activate certain sound settings or change the interior ambient lights are changing – everything easily activated by our convenient app.

Check out a world of full of customizable scenarios for your best driving experience!

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The Maxhaust Active Sound System simulates and reproduces amazingly realistic sounding engines and futuristic e-sounds via the vehicle's inbuilt characteristics...

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