New fuel-efficient engines getting more horse power with less cubic feet. This results in double fun with one big emotional disadvantage…

Studies from the United States Department of Energy (DOE) show:

The average production-weighted fuel economy for all new light-duty vehicles in model year (MY) 2019 was 95% better than in MY 1975, while average horsepower was 78% higher and weight was 1% higher, according to the 2019 EPA Automotive Trends Report.

In fact, you will have more power with less fuel consumption!

…but the smaller engines have lost character!

In fact, the engine sound is not in balance with the appearance of the cars!

Now the fun is back….

With the brand new Maxhaust USA Exhaust booster, you will have the same fun like with an V8 engine along with all the cost savings of the more efficient engine!

The best of all, you just turn the system off and your car is back to its original factory sound!

That is really smart!

Copyright Department of Energy (DOE)  


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