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Jeep Beach '23 Sum-Up


Jeep on the beach

Jeep Beach 23 was a great event and we have made a lot of new friends, met customers and talked to interested future distributors and installers from the entire United States!

Visitors were surprised about the variety of realistic and massive exhaust sounds we showed on of our promotion cars (Jeep Wrangler JL 2019 with stock V6 3.8l Engine) and they also loved to hear that the system is “NOT ONLY FOR JEEPS” and can fit nearly in every car, build after 2000!

We also announced and displayed the brand new “Bridge V4” and “Sound Module V4” with a lot of unique future options.

Existing customers will have the free upgrade option of their existing V2 and V3 Exhaust Booster to the new V4 version until end of June 2023!

Please talk to your MAXHAUST USA dealer or send us an email to:

Because of many Customer requests, interested in self installation without a dealer or installation company in a reasonable distance we decided to open our “self installer online store end of May 2023!

Please drive responsible and enjoy the ride with your MAXHAUST USA Exhaust Booster!

Your MHTUS - Team

Many jeeps on the beach
One dark coloured jeep on the beach
Jeep parked next to the Maxhaust USA tent
Red car backfiring with flames

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