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Maxhaust USA (MHTUS) had its market launch in late summer 2022. If you have seen or heard one of our cars it’s possible you got goose bumps by hearing one of these promotion cars!

The Maxhaust digital exhaust booster brings the possibility to transform your car or truck’s exhaust sound dramatically, or, to easily switch it off if you want it silenced!

We started in Florida after having our show car profiled at the Jeep Beach event in Daytona Beach 2021 and 2023!

MHTUS which is the exclusive partner for the US and the Caribbean and is looking for installation partners and distributors nationwide.

If you are interested, please send us an email at!

If you want to support our field study, please click the button “Your chance to win” below  and you will find our questionnaire.

From time to time we are raffle off some of our products. This might be T-Shirts, other merchandise and of course, some of our products and upgrades!

Sources for these raffles are newsletter recipients, participants of our field study and followers on our Instagram account #MHT_US!

There are lots of related new products in the pipeline for 2023/2024!

If you are interested, please fill out our contact form and / or subscribe to our Instagram channel #MHT_US.

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We focus on details, and that attention to detail is found in all of our of products.  In the software, in our custom app and when speaking with our customer support department

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