Active Sound System

Maxhaust USA complete set

The Maxhaust Active Sound System simulates and reproduces amazingly realistic sounding engines and futuristic e-sounds via the vehicle's characteristics, such as engine speed and load.

Diesel, gasoline engine or electric car? With our system, you will experience a sonorous, rich exhaust sound that can be retrofitted to your vehicle!

Maxhaust USA Electronic Exhaust Tuning

The Technology


The interface between vehicle, sound module and app. 

Via the CAN-BUS of your vehicle, the Soundbooster reads all relevant data such as speed, accelerator pedal position, load, etc., processes them in real time and passes them on to the sound module.

The vehicle buttons are also processed and depending on the vehicle type, the Soundbooster enables control via the buttons such as cruise control, ESP or if available, also via the driving profiles such as Comfort, Eco or Sport, etc.

Connected via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) you manage all sounds and their numerous settings via our unique app. Since you are not allowed to use a smartphone while driving, you can save these settings in profiles on the Soundbooster and then control them by way of the vehicle buttons from your car without having to touch your smartphone.

The perfect integration!

Maxhaust USA soundbooster
Maxhaust USA Sound-Module

Different Sounds In One Module

Our sound module is made for more!

More power, more sounds, more possibilities.

Using a highly complex algorithm and the latest DSP technology, the processor handles our specifically developed sounds. Our engineers develop realistic sounds from real recordings of the most incredible engines in the world.

Clear reproduction through 4 speaker channels guarantees a rich, voluminous and unique sound experience. Misfires are reproduced deafeningly real and give you a feeling that you will not want to miss.

...loud, louder, MAXHAUST

Maxhaust USA actuators

More volume

Discreet or would you like a little more?

Different speakers for different needs.

The speaker (actuator) included in the complete set is housed in a steel cabinet and provides a robust, rich sound that can be easily adjusted above the 100dB limit if necessary.

Want more? Then simply choose the additional actuator that suits you from 3 optional speakers.

Maxhaust USA stage one actuator

The optional second ‘Deep Speaker’ provides more volume and a better distribution of sound. Comparable to a mono or stereo sound, a second actuator provides for better sound characteristics.

Maxhaust USA HighTone Speaker

The ‘High Speaker’ is a perfect addition to the set. This speaker reproduces the higher tones and adds a brutal new voice to the sounds. The misfires become incredibly louder. Sound and misfires gain extreme authenticity through this actuator.

Maxhaust USA Vibration Speaker

The ‘Vibration Speaker’ spreads sound waves through the engine hood and reduces the well-known nailing noise of diesel vehicles. Mounted on the intake of the interior ventilation, the sound waves deliver a discreet sound in the interior.

Speaker comparison

Maxhaust USA Stage one actuator
Maxhaust USA HighTone Speaker
Maxhaust USA Vibration Speaker

bottom of vehicle / trunk cavity

bottom of / engine compartment

hood / interior

Mounting location

yes / optional also as 2nd actuator



Included in the set

basic sound / low and medium tones

misfire / high tones

diesel vehicle






∅:210mm B:190mm H:165mm

∅:114mm B:90mm H:78mm

∅:67mm B:84mm H:38mm






Maxhaust USA The beast
Maxhaust USA The beast
Maxhaust USA The beast


The App Functions As Control Center

App controlled

Connected via ‘Bluetooth Low Energy’, you can change countless settings with the app. These include:

Volume Adjustment

Idle and drive volume can be adjusted independently for each speaker. This allows you to precisely tune the volume levels in each area of the vehicle

Volume adjustment

Speed-Dependent Volume Vdjustment (DALA)

When this feature is activated, the lower RPM range is turned down and the full volume slowly unfolds as the RPM is increased. This function gives the sound an even more realistic touch.

Load Loss

When this function is activated, the lower RPM range is turned down and the full volume slowly unfolds as the RPM increases. This function gives the sound an even more realistic touch.

Idle Speed

Idle speed can be increased and decreased without affecting the original speed of the vehicle.

Variable  Running

Idle is too monotonous? Turn the knob a bit and listen how the idle sound becomes more irregular and authentic.

Sound-Dependent RPM

Should the engine speed match the vehicle speed or should it be a bit more? Adjust the engine speed according to your needs.


When should the misfire be triggered? Already at 1500 rpm or only at 4000 rpm. How often should it be triggered? 1 time, or in a random sequence up to 5 times!


Just like the one on your stereo.   Here, in addition to the bass and treble, the intensity and a distortion can be adjusted.

The app can do quite a bit more. In addition to a full diagnostics function of the system including help with errors, you can also download updates and new sounds.

Through our unique remote maintenance feature, we also have the ability to read your vehicle's CAN bus data in real time through the app, allowing us to troubleshoot or add new vehicles and new functions in the software

Other Functions Of The App

…and much more

Start-Up Profile

You can set which profile your car should start with, or you can use the memory function and your car will always start with the profile you turned it off with.


Custom profiles can be created and named. These can be assigned to a sound and above functions can be stored individually to each profile.

Apple App store
Google Play

App Store & Google Play

Why install buttons when your car already has them? Why use a remote control when your car is the remote control.

Since the beginning of the Active Sound development, it was our ambition to integrate the system perfectly into your car.

Through our app, you can create different driving profiles and assign them to specific buttons in the car.

For example, depending on the car's equipment, you can activate and deactivate your sound via the CANCEL button on the cruise control. It is also possible to change profiles via the ESP button without losing the function of these buttons.

No restrictions. Full control, even while driving, safe and fast.

Vehicle Integration


Do it yourself or have it done. 

We help you with your decision and are always available with advice and support.

Depending on the vehicle the speakers are installed either in the trunk or underneath the vehicle. The location depends on how much space is available in your car.

The installation will be via welding or drilling in order to lead the sound tube out of the car’s interior.

The electrical system is easy to connect. Besides power and ground, only two cables are connected to the CAN-BUS.

We always recommend a professional installer!

Electric Or Hybrid

The signs of the future are set and we are also moving with the times. Our software supports both fully electric and hybrid vehicles.

For the engine sounds, we simulate a synthetic RPM and gearshifts based on speed and accelerator pedal position. With these values we then generate an authentic engine sound that gives you the driving experience of a combustion engine.

Road safety also plays a very important role, as the first electric vehicles had no sound at all and the newer ones usually only have a quiet whirring sound. In traffic, these vehicles are little or not noticed and therefore pose a very high risk of accidents for pedestrians and cyclists.

Quality Made In Germany


We focus on details, and that attention to detail is found in all of our of products.  In the software, in our custom app and when speaking with our customer support department


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